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beyond borders for

personal protection

Close Protection Operative

When your life takes you off the beaten track and into dangerous territories, you can count on our Close Protection Operatives for your own personal security. Young Security deploys operatives all around the world to provide perfection in personal protection, where ever you go. 

The Close Protection Operative is a highly trained, highly skilled security specialist. CPO’s are specialised in:

  • Preventive reconaissance; checking hotels, restaurants, venues for threats before your arrival.
  • Personal protection from physical violence
  • Installation of surveilance equipment
  • Driver services


international training

All our Close Protection Operatives have undergone extensive training at the international tactical training facilities around the world. There they learn all skills required to become a CPO. The CPO learns how to deal with a wide variety of potential threats such as terrorist organisations, stalkers and political opponents. 

Young Security offers special training for those who want to become a Close Protection Operative. Contact us today, or keep an eye on our website to find out more.