global operations

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international organizations

protecting our international oceans

Piracy has existed since the first ships travelled the oceans. You can count on Young Security for the protection of your cargo and passengers while you travel the seven seas. 

The Maritime Protection Operative is a specially trained security operative. MPO’s are proficient in firearms, preventive security measures, surveilance, vessel operations and evasive maneuvers. 

Our operatives are typically deployed on ships en route, but can also guard ships while in harbour. With our operatives on board, you can rest assured that your vessel will be under careful surveilance and all suitable preventive measures are in place. Though the use of firearms is a last resort only, our MPO’s are trained and ready to utilize them in case of an emergency.


international training

All our Maritime operatives have undergone extensive training at the tactical training facilities around the world. There they learn all the basics required of seafaring professionals, as well as specific security skills and weapons proficiency. All our operatives are capable of taking over ship control, should the need arise. 

Young Security offers the opportunity to follow the Maritime Security Operative training several times per year. Are you interested in following this special training? Contact us today.